'Jack Smith'

Smooth talking sex appeal, a 'Jack' of all trades


5’11, dark crimson partially slicked hair, piercing deep purple cats eyes
Always wears a suit, drop dead gorgeous.
Always looks like he’s up to something.
Usually can talk his way out of anything, but can use his Lucky Tire Iron and Big butterfly knife effectively if needed.
Allergic to soy, smokes quite often.
Jack Smith (obviously a Handle rather than his real name) loves adventure above all else. He uses anything at his disposal, be it his wits, his body, his know how, etc to get any kind of advantage he can. Jack does most things at least fairly well, and if there’s something he doesn’t know how to do, he just wings it and hopes for the best. (And hopes no one else notices his floundering"
To Jack, image is almost everything, though he does realize the values of what can be hidden under the surface.
Very vain, (to the point where he will basically never get any kind of biotech that would replace his current body with scraps of metal and plastic) very brash and hot headed, he gets himself into trouble almost as smoothly as he gets himself out.


‘Jack Smith’ as he’s known to many, started out his life fairly well off. His family loved him, (according to Jack himself anyway) and it wasn’t until his 20s when shit hit the proverbial fan. Working as a front desk clerk for RenRaku had its perks. It paid well, he got plenty of tips due to his charismatic nature and sex appeal, and it came with its fair share of benefits. However Jack knew he was meant for more. When the PAN virus first took hold, Jack took advantage of the outbreak to sneak out some highly top secret, (and highly valuable) experimental tech. Even Jack didn’t know what to do with it, or what it did, and no pawner in his right mind would take it. Stuck with this mostly useless hunk of scrap and wires, and hunted by one of the most powerful megacorps, Jack took the hint and skipped town. He found his way to the Ring of Fire where he laid low, and managed to drop his hot bundle off in the hands of Byali, a smuggler Jack had met when he first arrived. Jack didn’t care much what Byali planned on doing with it, he was just happy it was out of his hands. Wisely, in addition, Jack knew survival in the Ring meant more than just having creds, so instead he decided to take a few favors from the fairly well off smuggler, and called it even.
Since then Jacks been having the time of his life, hustling cards, women, drugs, anything to make some cred and earn some rep, until the fateful day he was called in by a local Don.
Moving forward, he and his traveling muscle buddy Deijin head home to good ol Chicago. There’s word a riots about to break out, but Jack’s got other plans…

'Jack Smith'

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