The Ring of Fire

The Ring

There is little common history that explains the genesis of the great ring of refugee camps that encircle the Burning Plains in the American Midwest. Although the refugees that flooded from Chicago would tell you their settlements were the first on the Ring, the refugees forced to migrate from the urban sprawl of Atlanta would contend their pilgrimage was the story that ultimately brought a name to the Ring of Fire.

The refugee camps on the Ring formed while the PANvirus took hold on civilians across the continent, so its winding disorganization comes as no surprise in the face of such disorder. As a result the Ring of Fire is no circle, nor could it be aptly described as any shape. Indeed, the snaking refugee camps are at times a mile or more wide and at others a sparse patch of shanty homes not entirely designed to weather the deeply cold winter on the north side of the Ring. With little common history of the Ring comes a very real lack of information about it even among the ultra rich, who have practically denied the existence of the Ring or the Burning Plains in their comfortable lives away from the refugee camps. There are no maps that show its exact path, nor would such a map be useful in that the Ring has changed shape eloquently and without pattern over the last decade. It would be prudent to assume that the great fever of humanity in the American Midwest is destined to change without anything or anyone to stand above the chaos.

The Burning Plains

“Weather forecast for September 17, 2082: Remain indoors. An occluded front over the fields of Kansas has turned a group of powerful storms toward the west. Dust storms expected throughout the day. Remain indoors.” – Denver Weather Service

“One minute I was walking through a field of grass with my family, the next minute we were engulfed in flames…” – Weary Traveler

“We tried to build a home out on the plains. Even after we found a place to settle, where fossil fuel was not visibly soaking the ground, our attempts to dig for water only revealed a charcoal black watery mixture. The land is tainted.” – Alafia, Boulder Resident


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The Ring of Fire

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