Corporations and Organizations

Megacorporations of the Sixth World


Ares Macrotechnology still operate the Knights Errant, known more commonly as the guard dogs of the upper class. Knights can be found at the borders of North America’s most protected cities and their feelings toward outsiders are always dubious at best. Ares has been experimenting with a new matrix network that is accessible to a small few.


Aztech believed in some level of ignorance that their megacorporation could defend against the PANvirus given their combined abilities in chemistry and magic. Instead they were hit hardest by the virus as it swept across North America, recording massive casualties of their own magic users within days of the outbreak. Little is known about Aztech in the last decade as its leadership has fallen into the shadows with the rest of the world’s megacorporations, but they maintain a presence in the protected cities of Aztlan.


This Los Angeles based megacorporation has protected their city with feverish intensity since the first days of the PANdemic, when anarchy fell upon the outer neighborhoods of LA. Having since maintained an economy of entertainment for the upper class Horizon and LA are well protected by the Knights Errant, but the city is known as one of the easiest to slip through as a refugee in the Sixth World.

Lone Star

This bestial megacorporation of the Fifth World has taken the law of the frontier into their own hands, chasing the bounties of unknown transgressors and standing guard at the walls of the last remaining cities of the American Midwest. The Executive Director of Lone Star has valued Denver as the last bastion of middle North America, providing the peace of mind necessary for the upper class to continue their comfortable lifestyle.


It has been a decade since NeoNET sold all of their North American assets and fled to Asian territories to protect the lives of their leadership, but their presence in business deals around the world remains the same. NeoNET has facilitated the support of protected cities in North America through a myriad of supply chains that primarily lead to the Knights Errant and minor mercenary corporations around the continent.


The ultimate provider of top notch weaponry in the Sixth World, they push new technology into North America through their well established presence in Seattle, where the Knights Errant benefit heavily from their business. Tread lightly in the streets of Seattle if you manage to sneak your way on them.

Minor Corporations


This mercenary corporation is the shining example of a private military in the PANviral world. Gatlan formed several years ago during the breakdown of the Molto Pipeline, the genesis of the Burning Plains. Gatlan has defended the Molto’s sister pipeline across the northern American frontier called Caanad. Their imperious stand quickly became sponsored by the megacorporations of North America, intent on keeping the supply of petroleum flowing from the Alaskan rim despite the loss of pipeline Molto. Gatlan’s leader is the autocratic Gerasimos Gianaki, a troll warlord of the Fifth World that took his position on Caanad in a show of force that drew in hardened folk who managed to avoid the PANvirus. This corporation’s entrenched presence on the Ring of Fire begins in Rapid City and ends at the waterfront city of Milwaukee, though you may encounter them wherever megacorporations feel their services are required.

“Trespassers will be sent across the Burning Plain” – Gatlan warning on the Canaad pipeline.

Mirage Trading Co.

Mirage represents a roaming pile of traders, merchants, scavengers, mercenaries, couriers, and refugees that follow the Ring of Fire. There is no leader or owner of Mirage, rather it is a collection of like-minded travelers that have no place in the Sixth World, or they have found a reason to believe staying put is more dangerous than following the inner circle of the Ring of Fire. You’ll know Mirage by the symbol on their vehicles and clothing, a caravan rising from the heat of a blackened plain.

“What place is this?”

Sisters of Caritas

The only organized medical system in the lower classes of The Sixth World, the Sisters of Caritas miraculously opened their doors in multiple cities on the ring following the spread of the PANvirus. Caritas provides care despite charging nearly none of its patients for treatment, although they have never provided services to those that have fallen to the PANdemic. As a Christian revival organization, their leaders believe that survivors of the PANvirus have been chosen by God to live through the apocalypse, to bear the weight of revelation. The infected comatose refugees of the PANvirus are considered among their ranks to be damned.

Criminal or Illicit Organizations

The Pham

The Sixth World equivalent of Pham Security Services LLC, this once powerful business of government contracted hired guns has become one of the wealthiest family owned criminal organizations in the Denver area. The Pham’s charismatic leader Johnny K reformed the business with its surviving employees and used his father’s empire to protect the refugees around his home city on the ring.



The bane of megacorporations and criminal organizations alike, Sledge claim to be the new order of the Sixth World. Members of Sledge are the frenetic sociopaths and battle-hardened meatheads that survived the anarchy that fell upon Los Angeles in the weeks after the PANvirus slipped through the porous checkpoints around the sprawling city. Sledge members refuse to carry old world technology, or almost any technology for that matter. Sledge cannot be contracted for security unless the matter at hand is directly important to their standing goal, known to their members as the maxim.

“To purge from the land the villainous anarchy and undying greed that sowed the seeds of the galvanic plague.”

Southern Steel

The premier weapons merchant for criminals and runners on the south side of the ring. Southern Steel is another family owned business turned criminal, a trader that operates through the Port of New Orleans and has presence reaching into the Rockies. Occasionally a merchant from Southern Steel will join up with Mirage, but their connections to criminal organizations and megacorporations alike have earned them a dubious reputation.

“Let me show you what our steel can do for you.”


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