Johnny K

Mafioso, Philanthropist, Inheritance


The philanthropic leader of the Pham, a Vietnamese family of mafia-types that protect the refugees that have collected along the eastern sprawl of Boulder, Colorado. Johnny Pham is an effervescent young man with a face as recognizable to refugees as any world leader. Johnny K’s face is on every shop and store, from street cart to hostel, in the Boulder area and his name carries from the northern edge of the Ring to the reinforced wall surrounding Denver only thirty miles to the south. The Pham is a tight knit group, and Johnny only trusts his wife Sonia and his son Yani to handle matters of the family business. Although he welcomes refugees with open arms and loves them as his own, he commands the uniform love of these people so firmly that they will seek out and destroy trouble in their midst before JK himself can even hear about it.

Johnny Pham was born in Boulder and raised to believe he would take on the responsibility of operating the family security business, but his father never believed JK to be the ruthless businessman he was and held on to his company until the day he succumbed. The PANvirus caught his father while they traveled to negotiate contracts in St. Louis, Johnny assumed leadership the day his father finally stopped recognizing the people around him and gave into staring into space for an eternity.

If you see him on the street, you’ll know by the twentieth century American flag he drapes over his business suit, crudely corrected to include the golden star of Vietnam’s flag in the center.

“Welcome to the United States of Pham!”


Johnny K

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